County Council Meeting – Budget, Oct 24, 2022

Oct 24, 2022.  County Council Budget Approval.  The Council approved the proposed budget that is due by Nov 1, 2022.  The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) reviews, makes any needed adjustments and then approves.  The final budget is published in Jan

Premium Pay – ARPA Funded. The commissioners and council had previously approved premium pay of $2.00 an hour over a three-year period (about 12K total).   There are 47 Employees who are receiving the premium pay and 135 who did not. The ones who received premium pay were those who were continuously exposed throughout Covid,  (what is being referred to as boots on the ground).  Given accounting issues, this option will need to be “re-structured” to include all employees and will exclude elected officials.

Councilmen and Commissioners also received a $1,000 payment funded from a different appropriation.

Request for information (RFI). I have asked for the auditable accounting reports associated with the ARPA funds/premium pay and Health Insurance budgeted and actual costs.

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