County Council Meeting Notes Oct 17, 2022

Council Meeting Aqenda October 17, 2022

Admin Issues. Council reviewed needed changes to the salary ordinance and job descriptions. Job descriptions underwent a needed and thorough review.  Changes included a review and update to the Human Resource Director position and a reduction in a pay grade. Other agenda items were routine (and adverstised)  fund transfers between accounts.

Note: Job descriptions are linked to salaries and salaries to budget which is why the council is involved.

Budget: The next meeting to finalize the budget will be on Oct 24, 2022, 6:30 p.m at the Brown  County Fairgrounds, Exhibit Hall 802 Memorial Drive.  The 2022 projected year-end balances can be used to offset the estimated deficit for 2023. This along with other reductions expected to result in a budget that will be accepted by the State.  Per Councilman Dave Redding, the 2023 Budget has been one of the toughest to balance in recent memory. Given the economy and inflation, balancing budgets may be a recurring challenge.

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