Update: County response to the coronovirus

Sep 20, 2022.  BCD. New booster available at health department, targets more contagious strains of coronavirus By  Abigail Youmans

    • Have the vaccines been as safe and effective as advertised? Discovering the Truth requires an analysis of the data and debate on the arguments. In a trial, both sides are represented, the evidence is presented, challenged, and debated, and witnesses are cross-examined. In the case of the vaccine, only one side of the argument was presented while the other side was canceled and ignored. Reports from throughout the world are documenting the problems arising from a policy based on one-sided arguments. Steve Kirsch – “Evidence of Harm” was among the analysts that challenged the narrative and made million-dollar offers to anyone that could disprove his findings. No one took him up on his bets. The consequences of not discovering and confronting the Truths lead to failure in providing needed services.
    • Naomi Wolf at Daily Clout has organized thousands of volunteers to analyze the documents submitted to the FDA by Pfizer and publishes reports on the findings.

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