Commissioner Meeting Notes, July 20, 2022.

commissioner meeting july 20 2022

Commissioner Meeting Notes, July 20, 2022. 6:00 p.m.  One of the most efficient meetings I can recall attending.  Glad I got it on audio.

o. Highways.  Work on Clay Lick and Helmsburg Road beginning July 21, 2022. Road closed to through traffic during the day. Wholesale fuel costs were $2.75 a gallon last June; $5.60 this June.

o. Nashville Bike Pedestrian Trail Master Plan. A Nashville and a “county” project. The Department of Health is providing 20K for a master plan; the county contributing 20k (ARPA funds). Nashville’s contribution not mentioned. No idea at this point on the cost to implement the plan once developed.    “… purpose will be to create a bicycle and pedestrian master plan for Nashville, but it also may advise the town council on matters involving bicycle and pedestrian transportation; recommend updates to town policies regarding sidewalks; review bicycle and pedestrian ordinances and regulations; create a citizen-driven process for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure requests, including sidewalks, crossings and bike racks; advise the council on opportunities for funding such requests; and advocate on related issues.  (Ref: BCD Democrat, Town council appoints bike/pedestrian board)

o. Indiana Hill Railroad Crossing- open to pedestrian traffic.  Mr. Tony Abbott, Knobstone Hiking Trail Association, provided an excellent presentation making the case for a decision by the commissioners to open up the Indian Hill Rd. Rail Road Crossing for pedestrian traffic. Standing room only crowd. Commissioners are supportive of re-opening to pedestrian traffic pending review and advice from the county attorneys.   

Audio of the meeting – Trail discussion starts at 19 minutes.

Updated Post with audio: Part 2. Closure RR Xing, Indian Hill Rd. Opening up the Tecumseh Trail

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