Community Corrections

Information provided by Joshua Bales, Executive Director, from Community Corrections. Feb 22, 2022.

a. Per DMHA, IN ranks 42nd across all 50 states & DC for higher prevalence of mental illness and SUD and lower rates of access to care

b. IN was ranked 18th for Adults with SUD and preliminary data showed a 47% increase in overdoses in 2020 compared to 2019

c. 17.4% of adults in Indiana reported 2 or more Adverse Childhood Experiences, compared with 14.8% of the U.S. Population

d. IN was ranked 7th for the highest percentage of adults reporting serious thoughts of suicide

e. IYS CRAFFT scores indicated 16.7% of BC Youth age 15 and 21.6% of BC Youth age 16 are at high risk for having a SUD
f. IYS data for BC Students shows that the percentage of Youth who had considered attempting Suicide was higher than both IN & US rates for students in grades 9, 10, 11, & 12
g. IYS data for BC Students shows that the percentage of Youth who made a plan about attempting suicide was higher than both IN & US rates for students in grades 9, 10, and 12.
h. 2020 IYS (only 6th grade surveyed for this ?) showed parental incarceration rates almost 2 times as great as IN youth- (40%) indicated parents had served time in jail and another 12.3% indicated they were not sure. 23.9% of all BC students are identified for special education (IN average 15.9%). BC graduation rate 82.3% (IN 88.25%). US Census report (2019) showed 35.3% of BC children lived in a single parent home.
i. pursuant to a Youth Survey from the Communities that Care, high numbers of BC Youth experience risk factors that can lead to problem behaviors (including A/D use, delinquency, teen pregnancy, violence), & high numbers of BC Youth present with low protective factors against problem behaviors.
j. BCSO had 15 overdoses reported in 2021, 3 resulting in death. 23 doses of Narcan were administered (that BCSO is aware of). Records from Jail commander indicate 147 incarcerations related to A/D in 2021 at BCLEC.
k. BC Health Dept reported 4 suicide deaths in 2020 Annual Report, and 5 more deaths related to opiate intoxication or overdose. BC just experienced a tragic juvenile suicide less than 2 weeks ago
Joshua Bales
Executive Director
Brown County Community Corrections
201 Locust Lane- Upper Level
Nashville, IN 47448
Office: (812) 988-7343
Cell: (812) 340-2467
Fax: (812) 988-8451

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