Prayer: Commissioner Meetings

March 9, 2022. Question for Commissioners. Why is the Prayer said after your meeting opens instead of before your meeting? Copy:

Jerry Pittman. The Invocation is done after the meeting starts for the same reason as the Pledge…..Because it is part of the meeting.

    • Arron Jeffreys
      Jerry Pittman (Commissioner). The litmus test is in whether or not you would allow time for other religions to perform their invocation. If a Native American family attended your meetings would you give them equal time to pray to their “Great Spirit”? Or a Buhddist? or a Jewish person? Or are meeting attendees required to pray with YOU to YOUR God? That is why the only true fairness is through the moment of silence so every person can reach out to their own source of power. or just organize their own thoughts
    • Tim J. Clark @Arron Jeffreys Another option is 15-30 minutes before the meeting

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