County Meetings – Higher Expectations

Feb 26, 2022. BCM Facebook Page.

What will be New? regarding my shaing my summaries County meetings?

Reference to the BCLN is identified on the BCM Banner. The image below identifies the overall intent. See also: Presentation – Oververview of the Concept.

This concept will provide the context that will be applied in my future posts on the quality of county government. Are we making progress towards a more perfect (better) Brown County? How will we know? What feedback do we need to assess results? What are our priorities?

BCLN Concept Slide 2

Assessing and supporting “systemic” improvements.  Initial ideas  for a County and  Community Capability Maturity Assessment for assessing and improving the capability of 

Initial assessments using CMM-based models usually results in a Level 2 rating which reflects the status quo. Many organization may consider this level of performance “good enough.”  

Incremental improvements and community support could result in a rating of  3 or 4 within a 6-9 month period.  You contininue to maintain and sustain the improvements  and continues to improve.

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