U.S. Flag and a Way Ahead for Brown County and America

Updated Feb 26, 2022  11:51  am
     FLAG 50star

This post originated with a discussion with another veteran about flying the flag with the union (blue section) down vs the expected display of the union up.  This led to  ….

 The criteria provided to help determine appropriateness (union up or down) is contained in U.S. Code: Section 1 of Title 4 of the United States Code (4 U.S.C. § 1 et seq), Section 8, (a), which states:

The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal
of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. 

An assessment on the state of the America provided in a 2021 Open Letter from over 122 Retired Generals and Admirals: concluded that:

flag 4 America

“Our Nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a
Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776.”  


The counter-action by the Flag Officers  4 America includes supporting election integrity and electing patriotic citizens from what used to be consided the majority – the “policial middle.”

More has to be done.  We have to elect and support the right people to do the right things through application of the “New”  principle – reducing variation. 

The Brown County Leader Network (BCLN) represents a county/community-based approach  and  that can be considered for use by other counties, states and throughout America. The possibilities? More lights going on.  Presentation – Overvirew of the Concept.


BCLN Concept Slide 2

Regarding the assessment, key findings, and recommendation provided by the Flag Officers 4 America, you can absoutely expect (guaranteed) that others will have “opposite” opinions and judgement – expected variaton.   If you do not, there is a problem!  To make the best decisions, you must know the variability on the issues. 

Too often, the current tendency within America is to attack the messenger who has thoughts, beliefs and opinions that differ from yours through name-calling, cancellng, doxing, et.al.

Theses actions just increase variation and variation either get better or it gets worse. We can “choose” to work together to improve processes and systems that will reduce the variation from the the ideal.  And at the same time, you might make new friends, “learn,” set an example that can expire others. And, it is usaally a good thing to work with the lights on.

Quality Management (QM). The QM method is data and process-driven and starts with  opererational definitions.

Decision-Making Process, Getting to Optimization.  The military has a great system for working through very tough, complex, and controversial issue to support analysis, collaboration, and cooperation. This leads to the selection of the best Course (s) of Action Assessing and decisions. Assessing and making needd “adjustments throughout the life-cycle of the process is also “built-in.  In contast, at the national level,  major policy decisions onve made, are too often forgotte,  Top Managment do not know that based on data, if the change is or will result in the expected improvement.

As a Reservist on Active Duty at the time, I supported a WMD related assessment and decision brief.  Very smart, experienced, dedicated and professionals worked through the proccess. Despite an extensive and thorough analysis of the issues, They could not agree regarding the best course of action.  The commander was briefed on the process and result, was very appreciate of the level of work and professionalism. He agreed on the recommendation to involve a 3rd Party who worked through the areas of key concern – the “sticking points.”  The final recommendation was accepted by all and I do not recall if there were any caveats. The commander approved the course of action. He then presented a decision brief to his senior leadership who also accepted the decision. No issues on execution. An outline of this process  availabe via the Brown County Leader Network – Community Decision Making Process.

Covid-19 – Policy


I served with one of the Major Generals (MG) that signed the Open Letter in the early 1990’s. I was a captain at the time appling the new quaity methods within the Army Reserve and Army. He was my Division Commander.  (WIP – A post on on the story.)

The assessment by the Flag Officer 4 America is supported by conservatives and I supported in my speech on Nov 21, 2021 at the Freedom Rally held in Gnaw Bone, IN. The speech along with the information that supports the argument that America is in “distress,” is provided in my post: Current Times, End-Times, Better Times – A Way Ahead.

And yes, the quality methods and tools can be applied to reduce variation on the issues. (To-Do, WIP – reference Motor Voter Law).

The Flag is a Symbol of America – our struggles, our national and family histories, culture, successes, sacrifices, failures, our hopes and dream and our opportunities for improvement. Opportunties are a gift!

The Flag reinforces  belief  that a Republic that empowers We the People through a Bill of Rights, will choose to relentlessly work together in the continual pursuit of  “a more perfect Union.”  This represents American Exceptionalism – that the many can achieve the possibilities that few have never and will never achieve through a centralization of power and control. History proves the envisioned “utopias” controlled by the few becomes a hell on earth.

Amidst our Civic War, We Must Rally Round the Flag
Carl M. Cannon
Unum, Volume 1, Issue 1, Dec 2022, RealClearMedia
E Pluribus Unum – “From out of many, one”

The term “Civic War” is discriptive. Key Points:

    • The fault line is over the U.S. Flag for which it stands.
    • Many Americans, especially those in the millenial and Gen-Z generations, see Old Glory and feel anger instead of pride 
    • Two-thirds of baby boomers describe themselves as “very patriotic”, while only 28% of millinennials answered the same way.
    • A generation of educators who put “wokeness” and feelings ahead of context and knowledge is a serious problem
    • American flag desecrations and burinings are used as a deliberate tactic
    • An essentual step toward recovering our nations unum will be to present our nation’s true history, warts and all (and not worts only). That is the path to a recovery of both a reflective and aspirational patriotism

Local Civic Education Opportunities 

Americans inadequate knowledge of civics presents an “opportunity for improvement. ” (To Do: Rreference national survey results and sample quizzes).

An exception in Brown County regarding the teaching of American Civics is the We the People Team at Brown County Schools. They have earned national and state recongitions for their demonstrated knowledge and mastery in several constitutional areas. 

This program would be part of a community-wide stragtegy for providing education and training opportunities.




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