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Updated Jan 29, 2022

Purdue University – Food Councils

Food Councils are a vital part of a community food system. They enable community members to have input into policy and initiatives that affect the local food system.

Food: it’s what’s for dinner, but it’s also a powerful economic influence, a public health concern, a social issue, and an important partaker in many of the other systems that run modern life. For each of these systems, the way food is grown, handled, distributed, and sold affects different stakeholders and impacts daily life in unique ways.

Brown County Food and Farm Council – Strengthening our Food System

Seeking motivated and invested community members of Brown County who are passionate about improving the county’s food system. Our goal is to create a collaborative food council that will impact the Brown County food system so it can be more accessible to those in need and aid farmers so they can thrive and keep their produce local.

Annie Eakin, MS, Purdue. Community Wellness Coordinator, Serving Lawrence, Monroe and Brown Counties 924 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421, m: 812-679-7982, FacebookTwitterInstagram. Email: aeakin@purdue.edu

Jan 28, 2022. 1.28.22 BCFFC Flyer (2)

Indiana University – Center for Rural Engagement

Join us for the Indiana Uplands Winter Food Conference. Network, share, and learn about the local food economy with daily virtual sessions from 12-1 p.m., January 25-February 10.

Facebook: Indiana Uplands Food Network


    • Jacob Simpson, Community Resilience Liaison Center for Rural Engagement, jacdsimp@iu.edu
    • Gayle Karch, Cook Center for Public Arts and Humanities, Maxwell Hall 750 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405, (812) 855-9297 (office)
    • Website: rural.indiana.edu

 Indiana University Sustainable Food Systems Science

About Us. Sustainable Food Systems Science (SFSS) at Indiana University studies the social dimensions of food sustainability including culture, equity, and justice in food provisioning from local to global.

    • We are hosting the third annual Indiana Uplands Winter Food Conference this January, Tuesday the 25th – Thursday, February 10th. Daily lunch hour sessions from 12:00 -1:00 pm ET. Details and registration here.

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