Political Prisoners – Jan 6?

we the people declaration and flag

The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

  • The Gateway Pundit is pleased to announce its unveiling of www.AmericanGULAG.org, an informational site about the more than six hundred and thirty (630) people Joe Biden continues to imprison and persecute, largely for entering a public building on January 6, 2021.  
  • The overwhelming majority of Biden’s January 6th political prisoners are peaceful patriots, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers whose crime was walking into a public building to protest.  The emerging totalitarian uniparty decided to weaponize the Department of Injustice and persecute Donald Trump/America First/anti-oligarchy supporters.

Introducing RealClearInvestigations’ Jan. 6-BLM Riots Dataset BThe Editors, RealClearInvestigations  September 09, 2021

  • The electorate itself is divided, but doesn’t necessarily view this issue as an either/or choice. Polling shows that a large majority of Americans support the idea of examining the causes of both the 2020 summer riots in America’s cities and the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.
  • It is clear, then, that many Americans see two sides to this story. In keeping with its mission to fill gaps in press coverage, RealClearInvestigations is launching a running compendium of data, with hyperlinked sourcing, comparing the damage done on Jan. 6, and the subsequent treatment of those accused of perpetrating it, with two other recent events: the summer 2020 riots and – in some ways a closer analogy – the all-but-forgotten riot in Washington on Inauguration Day 2017, as protesters challenged Donald Trump’s election and legitimacy much as Jan. 6 rioters challenged Joe Biden’s.

Tucker Carlson documentary: Feds incited Jan. 6, entrapped citizens. ‘No decent person wants to believe it’s true, but increasingly there’s evidence it is’

  • Many Democrats have called Jan. 6 a worse attack on America than 9/11, and Carlson shows how the government has linked the two, creating “Domestic War on Terror 2.0.”

    The left, he says, is now using 1/6 “as a pretext to strip millions of Americans of their constitutional rights and defame them.”

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