BCMC Management and Oversight


Brown County Music Center (BCMC)

History of the BCMC and Current Events

Citizen Requirements

  • Commissioners, Council and BCMC management group pledged that NO county tax dollars would be used to subsidize this venue.  if the venue was not successful, it would be sold and/or returned to the bank.
    • A $239K subsidy including some rent payments was provided to the BCMC by the county.  Details associated with the transaction:
      • Feb 17, 2021. Letter: BCD. GUEST OPINION: What’s been happening with your county’s finances by Kevin Fleming.  Includes the details regarding the lack of transparency and oversight of Commissioner Biddle’s actions regarding the $239,000 “Rent” payment to the BCMC.  Commissioner Biddle also serves on the Music Center’s management group.

  • Revenue from the innkeeper’s tax was used as collateral for the loan to build the venue and can be used for operating expenses. 


  • What is the management relationship (roles and responsibilities) between the commissioners, council, BCMC management group, and the BCMC Building Corp?
  • What are the requirement for reporting revenues and expenses, assets and liabilities associated with the venue?
  • In addition to the Convention Visitors Commission (CVC) budget, what information does the council need to consider in reviewing the CVC budget  as well as the efficient and effective use of the revenue from the innkeepers tax?
    • Balance Sheet?
    • Profit and Loss Statements?
    • Income Statements?
    • Cash Flow Analysis? 
    • Budget Approved by Council?
    • Addendum to the loan agreement with the bank?
  • What are the policies and internal controls for ensuring the effective and efficient use of revenue from the innkeepers tax ?  How often are these reviewed?
  • Are the BCMC Financial statements audited by an independent and objective company? 

Additional Information


  • IC 6-9-14-4
    Payment of expenses; budget; expenditures
    Sec. 4. All expenses of the commission shall be paid from the fund required by section 7 of this chapter. The commission shall annually prepare a budget taking into consideration the recommendations made by a not-for-profit corporation qualifying under section 3 of this chapter and shall submit it to the county council for its review and approval. No expenditure shall be made unless it is pursuant to an appropriation made by the county council in the manner provided by law.
    As added by Acts 1981, P.L.100, SEC.1.

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