Brown County RDC Community Invest Corp (Landbank) – For the Record


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BC Community Investment (Landbank) Charter (Draft)

RDC Website – Choose Brown County – Link to Google Docs and Zoom Meetings

July 27 2021.  One down, one up’: New entity proposed to reuse vacant home sites By Sara Clifford 


July 22, 2021. RDC Meeting.

  • The RDC will meet at Brown County Middle School (formerly known as the junior high) at 6 p.m.  Available on Zoom

Jul 21, 2021,  Mechanism for reusing vacant home sites to be discussed this week By  

  • BCM Facebook Post of the Article and Comments
    • Justin Schwenk …  The idea is not so much to create a specific size but rather a specific price of home that is attainable by first-time homebuyers, younger families, and residents looking to move upward. The problem with the market is that over the last thirty years, the market has driven home prices up so dramatically that a specific and needed demographic (20-40 yr olds) is priced well out of the market. This plan would kill a few birds with one stone. Using properties that the market has largely left behind, we can mitigate distressed homes and support attainably priced homes without disturbing the natural market trends. The only people who stand to benefit financially are local business owners who would be doing the maintenance, demolition, and rebuilding of the homes on properties–largely after they have been resold back to private ownership.
      • What would the the needed income level for the respective 20-40 year demographic?
      • Potential buyers cannot would have to include all age groups.  

Feb 9, 2021. GUEST OPINION: Survey process starting to address housing challenges by Sara Clifford 

  •  The Building Community Initiative is focused on the redevelopment and rehabilitation of underutilized areas of the county. 
  • The Building Community Initiative is a three-phase project designed by the redevelopment commission to be a community-driven effort to identify vacant and abandoned homes, rehabilitate them, and return them to productive use — specifically as affordable starter homes that will be accessible to a greater number of people interested in locating to Brown County.

Sep 20, 2020.  Redevelopment commission planning land survey by Sara Clifford 

  • When the leaves drop, the Brown County Redevelopment Commission wants to be ready to load up and go for a drive with a specific purpose. …. Members are planning to survey all the land parcels they can see from public roads, recording certain details about them in a cellphone-based app. … The RDC discussed this concept at length during several public meetings in 2019. 

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