Brown County Governance – Govt and Non-Govt

Governance  – Government and Non-Government

There is only one incorporated town in the county and that is Nashville.

The Helmsburg Community Development Corporation (510c3) is a non-government citizen-led group created to help improve the quality of life within Helmsburg (village/hamlet).  Citizens created their own economic plan and economic development area.  A great example of what other unincorporated communities within the county can accomplish.    History and timeline.

List of Government Units with the authority to tax – / Governance
 Are taxes trending up or down?

Brown County Government  / Commissioners and County Council

Brown County Townships / Township Trustee and Board

  • Hamblen
  • Jackson
  • Van Buren
  • Washington

Nashville Civil Town / Town Council

Brown County School Corporation / School Board

Brown County Public Library / Library Board

Hamblen Township Fire Protection District – District Board

Brown County Solid Waste District – District Board

Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District – District Board

Lake Lemon Conservancy District – District Board

Reference: Department of Local Governments Finance (DLGF )

Government Entities that  can Charge for Costs of Services: 

  • Regional Sewer Districts (RSDs).  Can mandate sewer hooks and establish monthly rates.
    • Gnaw Bone
    • Helmsburg
    • Brown County
    • Nashville – not listed as an RSD but has the power to set rates and costs for services within the town.

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