2020 Assessed Home Values

Stats Indiana provides another link to the  Indiana Real Estate Market reports that includes information by county.

Example: 2020 Brown-County Local Market Update – 2019-2020 and Year to Date Sales provided by Indiana Association of Realtors.

Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF).
FACT SHEET – Trending – Annual Adjustments of Assessed Values

Brown County GIS System. Includes 5 years of data on assessments, tax payments, and description of properties.

Overview of the process.  The Indiana Association of Realtors provides information on sales to include the breakdown by counties.  The county assessor reviews sales by “neighborhoods” that cover an area broader than the immediate area in order to identify the trend of sales.  The calculation of assessed value accounts for “outliers” — property sold statistically higher than the norm.  The median value (the middle point where half of the homes are higher and half are lower), is used to calculate the assessment.

A further check on the assessment is for the property owners to obtain an estimate on market value from local realtors.

The County Auditor uses the information provided by the assessment to calculate the tax payment and the County Treasurer bills the property owners and collects the payments.

MORE INFO – Department Local Government Finance (DLGF)

DLGF – Property Tax Terms and Definitions

DLGF Property taxes are due twice a year. You will receive a statement with upcoming due dates in the Spring.  Current property tax due dates are:

  • May 11, 2020
  • November 10, 2020

DLGF Tax Bill 101

DLGF: Graphic – Assessment_to_Tax_Billing_Start to Finish 

181101 – Assessment-to-BudgetProcess


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