Information Ecosystem – Rural Communities

The Center for Rural Engagement at Indiana University provided the funding for this exploratory research.  Additional guidance and support provided by Elaine Monaghan at the Media School.

About Kinzen.  Kinzen is a technology company that helps citizens engage with the publishers who inform, inspire and empower them. We’re building tools for individuals and publishers to access and present personalized news and information.

Jan 16, 2020. Understanding the Information Ecosystem in Rural Indiana, By Hanna Lennon.

Jan 15, 2020. The Challenges for Local Publishers in Indiana By Hannah Lennon.

Brown County – Input provided by community members at a meeting hosted by the Community Foundation.

  • Brown County League of Women Voters – LWVBC Newsletter December 2019  Three Perspectives on the Media Discussion by IU Center for Rural Engagement (page 8-9). Comments provided by members Pam Raider, Robyn Rosenberg-Bowman, and Tim Clark.


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