Appointments made to boards, commissions

Feb 21, 2020. BCD. Residents appointed to boards, commissions for 2020 By Staff Reports

Feb 5, 2019. Brown County Democrat – Appointments

The following people have been appointed to serve on town and county boards and commissions for 2019 or beyond. The agency or person who appointed them or the agency or office they represent is in parentheses.

Election Board: Amy Kelso (D), Mark Williams (R).

Brown County Alcoholic Beverage Commission: Jim Hays (Nashville Town Council), Jeff Deckard (Brown County Council), Duane Parsons (Brown County Commissioners)

Brown County Animal Control Commission: Red Nastoff (town council); John Price (county council); Sue Ann Werling (Brown County Humane Society); Heidi Duncan, Patti Fleetwood, Richard Wood (commissioners)

Brown County Area Plan Commission: Jane Gore (town council); Carol Bowden (Brown County Schools Board of Trustees); Dave Harden, Russ Herndon, Deborah Bartes (commissioners); Randy Jones (county council); one open seat to be appointed by Purdue Extension Service

Brown County Board of Zoning Appeals: “Buzz” King (town council); Deborah Bartes, Darla Brown, John Dillberger (commissioners); Jane Gore (Brown County Area Plan Commission)

Brown County Community Corrections Advisory Board: Anna Hofstetter (town council); Bill Hamilton (county council); Mary Wertz (judge); Jacob Moore (public defender); John Dauterman (director of Office of Family and Children); Jennifer Acton (chief probation officer); Scott Southerland (sheriff); Ted Adams (prosecutor); Frank Nardi (magistrate); Christy Wrightsman (education administrator); Donald Lee Barriger Jr., Diana Biddle, Debbie Goodrich, Stephanie Yager (laypeople); Dean Henderson (ex-offender); Amanda Kinnaird (mental health administrator); Erin Kirchhofer (victim’s advocate)

Brown County Emergency Management Advisory Committee: Diana Biddle (commissioners); Glenda Stogsdill (county council); Brad Stogsdill (law enforcement); Chris Henderson (chair, EMS); Corey Frost (public health); Jennifer Heller, Joe Tenbarge (at-large members); Mike Magner (public works); Nick Kelp (fire); Laura Hammack (schools); Ben Seastrom (town council)

Brown County Solid Waste Management District Board: Nancy Crocker, Alisha Gredy (town council); Dave Anderson, Diana Biddle, Jerry Pittman (commissioners); Darren Byrd (county council); Jim Wray (Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District)

Local Emergency Planning Committee: Kim Robinson (community partner), Ben Seastrom (town council), Maria Carrasquillo (Red Cross), Chris Henderson (EMS), Corey Frost (chair, public health), Susan Armstrong (EMA), Diana Biddle (commissioner), county council appointment yet to be filled, Jennifer Heller (public health), Mike Magner (public works), Nick Kelp (fire)

Brown County Board of Health: Cathy Rountree, Dr. Michael Day, Linda Bauer, William Irvine, Jeff Cambridge, Thomi Elmore, Cynthia Rose Wolpert (commissioners)

Helmsburg Regional Sewer Board: Jenny Austin, Denise Broussard, Harrietta Weddle (commissioners)

Gnaw Bone Regional Sewer Board: Charley White, David Hess, Shawn Fosnight (commissioners)

Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA): Linda Bauer, Robyn Bowman (commissioners), Judy Wright Simpson (county council)

Brown County Redevelopment Commission: Jim Schultz, Jim Kemp (county council); Terry Foy, Justin Schwenk, Jerry Pittman (commissioners); Stephanie Kritzer (school board), non-voting member

Brown County Convention and Visitors Commission: Derek Clifford, Barry Herring (commissioners); Kevin Ault, Patty Frensemeier, Mike Patrick (county council)

Brown County Library Board: Tim Kelley, Robert Gustin (county council); Jan Greenlee, Kathleen Roberts (commissioners)

Brown County Regional Sewer District: Debbie Larsh, Mike Leggins, Clint Studabaker (county council); Phil Leblanc (commissioners); one open seat to be appointed by the county council

Brown County Parks and Recreation Board: Jim Hahn (commissioners); Jay Sichting, Linda Hobbs (judge); Richard Gist, Keith Baker (county council); one open seat for Purdue Extension educator

Hamblen Township Fire District Board: Tim Williams, Michael O’Neil, Roy Shea (commissioners)

Public Defender Board: Ruth Johnson (commissioners); Rick Kelley, Michael O’Neil (judge)

Maple Leaf Management Group: Darren Byrd (county council); Diana Biddle (commissioners); Kevin Ault, Barry Herring (CVC); Jim Schultz, Mike Lafferty (Maple Leaf Management); Bruce Gould (Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau)

Nashville Arts and Entertainment Commission: Jessica George, Jayme Hood, Melanie Voland, Chuck Wills (town council, through 2021) Jonathan Bolte, Anabel Hopkins, Cathy Martin, Heather Nicholson, Michele Wedel (town council, through 2019)

Nashville Development Review Commission: Bruce Gould (town clerk-treasurer); Jessica George, Welton Harris II, Alex Miller, Penny Scroggins (town council); David Martin (town council president); Greg Fox (Brown County Chamber of Commerce); Mike Patrick (CVB); one open seat to be appointed by Nashville Redevelopment Commission.

Nashville Metropolitan Police Merit Commission: Dave Derbyshire, Jim Hays, Ken Wendling (town council); Tom Crawford, Glenda Johnson (police department)

Nashville Parking and Public Facilities Corporation (“food and beverage commission”): David Chilcote, Gloria Dobbs, Matt Gray, Anders Jorgensen, Penny Scroggins (town council)

Nashville Redevelopment Commission: Jane Gore, Dan Snow (town council); Roger Kelso, Raymond Modglin, Torrie Rae Birkemeier (town council president); Carol Bowden (school board), non-voting member

Nashville Town Park Commission: Alisha Gredy, Anna Hofstetter, Alexis Peirce Caudell, Mark Shields, Melanie Voland (town council)

Nashville Tree Board: Bruce Gould, Cathy Paradise, Rick Patrick, Mark Shields, Allison Shoaf (town council)

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