Schools 2020 Budget and Enrollment Numbers

Oct 17, 2019.  BCD. ‘Fiscally stable’: Financial consultant presents budget to school board By Suzannah Couch.

Despite declining student enrollment, the Brown County Schools’ budget is fiscally stable because the district continues to make cuts each year.


At the Oct. 17 meeting, the school board will hear a presentation from financial advisers Baker Tilly and bond counsel Jane Herndon with Ice Miller about issuing a $3.6 million bond in 2020. The bond would be paid off over three years.  … The bond will replace debt that is currently falling off, which means the new bond will have no impact on the tax rate.

Health Insurance

.…  school employees will not see an increase in their health insurance premiums next year. This is the second year in a row that employees will not see an increase.

.. the district’s health insurance fund is now at $1.3 million, Hammack said.

We’re a self-funded plan. We’re funding at the level that we need to be funding,” Hammack said.

Oct 15, 2019. BCD. SCHOOL NEWS: Preliminary student enrollment numbers are in; teacher contract negotiations; bus stop arms going out on State Road 46 by By 

  • At the Sept. 19 Brown County Schools Board of Trustees meeting, Superintendent Laura Hammack reported that the district only lost 18 students since last school year. The count taken on the official student count day last month was 1,768; last year’s enrollment was 1,786.

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