BCRSD Board Meeting – Notes

Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) Meeting
Tues, Oct 8, 2019.

o. BUDGET. The BCRSD was given $270K from the county council. After current invoices are paid, the remaining balance will be $174, 670. A plant location has not been determined (See RAP below).
o. FUTURE FUNDING APPROVALS FOR A PLANT IN BEAN BLOSSOM. List of potential customers. Two main requirements for funding (estimated at $7.3 million) include a validated NEED and EASEMENTS.
oo. As has been pointed out by the past two BCRSD Board presidents, there is no documented evidence of failed systems. The Health Department’s policy has been to resolve septic system issues as they emerge. As was pointed out at the Septic Summit, the life of a system is “indefinite” and is determined by many factors. oo. Easements. Property owners have the right to negotiate fair market value (FMV). FMV for homeowners affected by the Salt Creek Trail received significantly more in compensation than what was originally offered.
o. LIST OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. I obtained the list (provided within the link below) of potential customers of the “proposed” Bean Blossom Sewer project. State law limits RSDs to just providing names but more detailed information is available through the county’s GIS system (brownin.wthgis.com).
o. HISTORY. The desire for sewers in Bean Blossom goes back 20 years. Initiatives to obtain service from Helmsburg were not successful in the past. Bean Blossom did not have enough customers to obtain state funding for their own plant so the BCRSD extended the service area to include Freeman Ridge, Woodland Lake, and the Little Fox Lake areas. I also provide a link below to a timeline on the Bean Blossom project – “For the Record.”
oo. The initial plan of the current BCRSD board was to run a line to the Nashville Plant but Nashville no longer supports the option so they opted to build a new plant in the Bean Blossom area. Running a line from Bean Blossom to Helmsburg would require upgrades and expansion of the HRSD plant.
o. RAP. Regional Assistance Program (RAP) Grant. Given the needs of the Helmsburg RSD to support more customers and to lower rates from the current $92.50, the State intervened and the Helmsburg RSD and BCRSD agreed to support the development of a study that would help determine the best solutions for the area (region). Study due to be completed by the end of the year. oo. The study may identify options that include support for two plants or a main hub in either Helmsburg or Bean Blossom. The study is estimated to be completed by the end of this year. Note that unlike the BCRSD, the Helmsburg RSD’s policy was to “not” force customers to hook-up to the sewer.
o. TIMELINES. “Assuming” that a plant in Bean Blossom is determined to be a valid option, a need is documented and accepted by the State and Feds, and Easements can be obtained in a timely manner, construction can begin in summer/fall of 2020 with hook-ups beginning in Spring 2021. Note customers will be charged a monthly fee to support construction costs. (Fee is TBD). If Helmsburg is selected as a hub, costs could be less and timelines could be much shorter.
o. ROI/108K Grant for a County-wide Wastewater Treatment study. No decision yet.
o. WEBSITE. The county agreed to host the BCRSD website. The need for the website was identified at the June 2018 meeting.

MORE INFO: Regional Sewer Board – Bean Blossom Sewer Project – For the Record

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