Local Government – Checks and Balances on Power

Headline: The Hill.  Virginia county’s entire board of supervisors indicted

Interesting article about local government. It reinforces the important role of citizen involvement in their local government and the responsibility of elected officials over those they appoint.

There is a strong correlation between corruption (legal and moral) and a lack of check and balances on power.

I googled the “Warren County Coalition” and found the article on their 2019-2020 budget process.  The 2020 Brown County budget hearings had some similarities with the Warren County 2019/20 budget hearings regarding citizen opposition to tax increases.

Warren County had 50 citizens speak out against tax increases and 10 citizens spoke at the hearing last year.  In Brown County, we had 2 citizens speak out last year and four this year.

Virginia has a little different system where their Board of Supervisors can approve education budgets.  Indiana gives this responsibility to local school boards. (Warren County, VA has a population of 40K, our is 15k).



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