Unique and Challenging Demographics

The Vision 2010/2020 Project identified our “Unique and Challenging Demographics” that raised awareness of the “tensions” between the“From heres” and “Come heres”

Tension Between Socio-Economic Levels – Growing Adversarial Culture?

There is a wide and growing income gap, with fewer middle incomes. In addition to creating tension, these shifting demographics have caused housing prices to skyrocket, and property taxes to increase, making it difficult to both live and work in Brown County and further heightening the tension. Many also believe that this gap has skewed the per capita income data for the county, creating an unrealistic profile of the county’s asset base and leading to further challenges.

The difference in perspective that comes along with this tension is profound. It contributes to trust issues and unbalanced participation in community processes.”

Many believe that a fundamental demographic shift is underway and that the demographic slices and tensions described above will continue to increase. Increasing tension between local/non-local and haves/have nots makes it difficult to work together on community issues. Some noted that the shift has created a growing “adversarial culture.”

Reference: 2008 Countywide  Needs and Assets Assessment, slides 22-24.

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