Property Assessments and Taxes 2012-2019

A five-year trend on assessments and taxes for individual property owners is available at the following:

I contacted the vendor WTHGIS to see if I can get a copy of the file to support the analysis of trends but they said they could not provide.   (I had two offers from major organizations to provide analytical support on a pro-bono basis (for free) to help identify our challenges and opportunities.)

In the interim in order to learn more about assessments, I pulled data from the State on the trends from 2012 to 2019 on “Adjusted Net Assessed Valuation.”  Assessed values can correlate to revenue collected from property taxes.

Initial Analysis 2012-2019.

Assessed values increased from a range of 7% to 16% “EXCEPT” for the Town of Nashville where assessed values decreased by 1%.  The JUMP in 2019 assessments is significant.  Is this an outlier or an indicator of more to come?  What happended in other counties?

Increases in gross assessed values by county –Brown County is among the 58 where values increased by 3% or more – per the auditor, a similar increase projected for next year (2020 payable in 2021).

More Information on context:

April 9, 2019. BCD, Property tax bills are in the mail by Sara Clifford.  A property’s assessed value is one of the figures used to calculate a tax bill. … Overall, the net assessed value of property across all of Brown County — the taxable value after exemptions are subtracted — has grown by $35.5 million since tax year 2017.

Citizens Guide to Property Tax Local spending is the reason for property tax rate increases – or decreases – depending on local fiscal management.”

Jan 30, 2018. Brown County uses a contractor to develop assessments

Information – Links to other Counties


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