Tribes of American Voters

Note: The RealClear Politics is one of the rare websites that offers articles with opposing points of view.

FYI — link to the principles and platform of the two major political parties:

Five Tribes of American Voters, RealCelar Politics 

“Every difference of opinion,” Thomas Jefferson warned in his first inaugural address, “is not a difference of principle ….  “We are all Republicans,” he added. “We are all Federalists.”” Thomas Jefferson

  • Not anymore. In 21st century America, any notion that election results end the argument, however temporarily, is an anachronism. So, too, is the conceit that a nation this large and diverse is divided neatly along “50-50” lines, with half of America’s 253 million adults supporting Democrats, and the other half backing Republicans.
  • “Resistance” — to President Trump and the Trump-era Republican Party .. is one of the five American “tribes” identified in a sweeping new public opinion survey conducted by RealClear Opinion Research 

Seven (7) …  Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape  Hidden Tribes Report

This report lays out the findings of a large-scale national survey of Americans about the current state of civic life in the United States. It provides substantial evidence of deep polarization and growing tribalism. It shows that this polarization is rooted in something deeper than political opinions and disagreements over policy. But it also provides
some evidence for optimism, showing that 77 percent of Americans believe our differences are not so great that we cannot come together.

The segments have distinctive sets of characteristics; here listed in order from left to
right on the ideological spectrum:

  • Progressive Activists: younger, highly engaged, secular, cosmopolitan, angry.
  • Traditional Liberals: older, retired, open to compromise, rational, cautious.
  • Passive Liberals: unhappy, insecure, distrustful, disillusioned.
  • Politically Disengaged: young, low income, distrustful, detached, patriotic,
  • Moderates: engaged, civic-minded, middle-of-the-road, pessimistic, Protestant.
  • Traditional Conservatives: religious, middle class, patriotic, moralistic.
  • Devoted Conservatives: white, retired, highly engaged, uncompromising,

This map shows the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures

The American Nations Today

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