Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District – A model for Brown County?

The situation,  history, and talking points, regarding the issues within the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District in Monticello, IN is similar to what is now occurring in Brown County.

Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District (TLRSD) Monticello Indiana, White County District

  • History. … Poor water quality, failing septic systems, poor soil conditions and other septic system problems ….
  • In 1995, the District territory was expanded to include the Tippecanoe River, and the Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman corridors from the north White County line to the south White County line. In 2000, per request of the Carroll County Commissioners, the District territory was expanded to include the east side of Lake Freeman from the south White County line to CR 725 N Carroll County.
  • Tax Liens and Sales. Google:  Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District tax liens, tax sales, foreclosures

Dec 2014 Article – Regional Sewer and Septic Strategy – Outdated Septics, Water Quality, Terrain and Installation Challenges

  •  Low Pressure, High Profile. Milestone pressure Sewer Installation completed in Twin Lakes, IN
  • The article describes the need for the system and conditions for installation. The focus was on systems at risk for polluting water in lakes, creeks, and streams.
  • The conditions covered by the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District (TLRSD) appears similar to Brown County. In addition to our waterways, major lakes include Cordry and Sweetwater, Woodland Lake, Lake Lemon, Lake LaSalle, etc.

Sep  23, 2009.  Legislative panel hears sewer district complaints Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper

  • Mike Mettler, director of the State Department of Health’s environmental public health division, said Indiana has about 800,000 homes with septic systems and that a quarter or more of those are failing or were improperly installed. … “These systems have a finite life,” he told the panel. “They don’t last forever.”
  • Legislators studying Indiana’s regional sewer districts heard complaints Tuesday that some of those districts are abusing their powers as they push forward projects to extend sewer lines into rural areas. At least one district head called the criticism unfair.
  • Carroll County resident Pat Robertson told members of the Environmental Quality Service Council that the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District in northwestern Indiana has been heavy-handed, secretive and “a perfect example of government gone wrong.”
  • Robertson said the district has forced residents around Lake Freeman about 75 miles northwest of Indianapolis to shutter what in some cases were perfectly good septic systems and pay a $1,000 connection fee to use the city’s sewers.
  • Ted Stubbs, the president of the Association of Regional Sewer Districts, told the panel that sewer systems attract controversy because they are among the most expensive public infrastructure projects.
    • But he said sewer extensions have improved water quality, eliminated public health threats and boosted property values across the state.
    • “This has not happened without controversy or problems, but it has made many areas of Indiana a better place to live, work and play,” he said.

Sep 18, 2008Carroll County citizens hope Governor will stop sewer district Topix, Carrol County News

  • A group of Carroll County residents hopes the governor will step in and stop a sewer district from including more than 1,000 homes around Lake Freeman

Aug 31, 2009.  Tensions run high at TLRSD meeting, as Phase IV plans are discussed with affected residents.

  • The goal of the TLRSD is to eliminate septic systems near waterways, thereby reducing the amount of pollutants from leaking sewage and waste.
  • But as Phase IV approaches, many of those who will be affected are worried about the possible one-time and monthly costs.

Aug 8, 2008.  Residents preparing to sue sewer district, Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, IN.

  • Hundreds of angry Carroll County residents are preparing to file a class-action lawsuit against a regional sewer district they say is abusing their civil rights for profit.
  • Under Indiana law, once a district gets approval to enlarge its boundaries, it has complete authority to increase its sewer lines and force nearby residents onto the system

July 9, 2008TLRSD: prepare for law suit Carroll County residents make threat of legal action against sewer district, IDEM following meeting.

  • “Over the past years commissioners of Carroll County have received hundreds of requests from citizens and property owners in northwest Carroll County hoping that we do something to curb what they see as the tyranny of the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District,” Brown said.

May 28, 2008County leaders to meet with IDEM about sewer district, Carroll County Comet.

  • “It seems like somehow we have developed an institution with more power than we do,” George Mears said as he provided the second.
  • Other opponents at the meeting complained although commissioners said sewer district issues should be addressed by IDEM, the state agency indicated the problems should be solved at the local level.



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