Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground – Zoning Issue

The Facebook posts on the request by the new owners of the Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground for some operating flexibility produced some informative and controversial posts.

When good people apply an inadequate process for identifying the problem and proposed solution (s), the process wins most of the time producing a result that no one may like.

The October 2  article in the Democrat provided excellent coverage on the overall process including describing the issues and the positions of the various stakeholder groups.

I believe a better process would result in a better outcome.  An example of a county decision-making process is provided below.  The information in the article and Facebook  posts would provide some input for the process.

Oct 2, 2018, Article – BCD  Zoning board denies Bill Monroe park changes, By Sara Clifford

Brown County Democrat – Facebook Posts
Brown County Matters – Facebook Posts 
Example – County Decision Making Process


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