Declaration of Interdependence

Interdependence Defined:  the state of being dependent upon one another.

My response to a Facebook post at Brown County Matters regarding a concern for unplanned change:

  • Maple Leaf,
  • Proposed Septic Ordinance,
  • Regional Sewer Board’s request for 270K that they referred to as “seed” money,
  • The Van Buren Fire Department issue to include the emergence of Southern Brown VFD,
  • The “massive” steel bridges for the Salt Creek Trail and eminent domain issues,
  • Increase in “riverfront” liquor licenses,
  • The “Justice Center,”
  • Republican party monopoly on power, and systemic resistance and refusal of elected representatives to involve the citizens in economic, comprehensive and strategic planning.

Good plans would provide the context for all of the above IF SUPPORTED BY THE CITIZENRY. P.S. Policies that lead to increases in taxes do represent an economic hardship for those with fixed and modest incomes (at least 53.1% of the population).

An easy fix: Vote independent of political party. Elect commissioners and councilman that support planning with citizen involvement that will produce results, where we all benefit or at least, are not any worse off.

Suggested Platform and Principles for Independent Voters


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