Future of local economy?

Feb 4, 2018. Most Indiana Counties Should Stop Pursuing Economic Growth by Michael J. Hicks, Ph.D. Director tor of the Center for Business and Economic Research, Ball State University.  Keyword “Most”

GUEST COLUMN: A study of tourism and economic sustainability Sep 20, 2017 –  By TIM CLARKguest columnistEconomic impact studies of tourism in Indiana and Brown County reinforce the benefits of sustaining a tourism industry. However, tourism, by itself, has not and cannot provide a sustainable economic future for Brown County.

Survey Results, Community Readiness Initiative (CRI). Presented by David Terrell, Director, Indiana Communities Institute and RUPRI Center for State Policy, Rural Policy Research Institute, Ball State University 2017 Community Readiness Initiative Presentation

Summary of the presentation provided by Sarah Clifford, Brown County Democrat,  What are best bets for future of local economy? – Brown County …

May 4, 2017.  Brown County’s greatest potential for economic growth is as a bedroom community, according to economists with the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University. But local leaders had a different viewpoint; they perceived recreation as the area with the biggest potential, and to them, … 
  • According to the state and federal data the Ball State researchers studied, retail is the least promising sector among the five studied.
  • While Brown County — and especially Nashville — have a lot of retail businesses, those individual businesses don’t employ large numbers of people, Terrell said. “It doesn’t really drive your economy. It’s the wrong kind of retail,” he said.

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