Indiana Average Hourly Wage Trends

The county income survey in 2017 indicated that 53% of residents fall in the low to moderate income level.  This qualified the county to apply for comprehensive planning and for economic development strategic planning grants. (1)

What are the actual and projected average hourly wage trends in Brown County?  An economic development strategy for the county was not identified as a priority in 2018 by the new Redevelopment Commission (RDC), commissioners or council representatives (Baker, Critser, Byrd) at last night’s (Feb 8, 2018) RDC meeting.  No update was provided on the status of the county’s application for an economic development strategic planning grant.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation – Average and Project Wage – 2006 – 2017.

References – More Information

(1)  Brown County Income Survey -(copy sent to residents).   The Low to Moderate Income(LMI) level determined by dividing the total number  “above” the respective income level by the total number of those below.  See also:  Overview of the Calculation Process for the Moderate Income Level

(2) IU SPEA Report –Redevelopment Analysis – Brown County.  Prepared by Liza Bartlett, Daniel Lopez, Drew Sherman

Brown County Democrat, GUEST COLUMN: A study of tourism and economic sustainability




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