County 5-year financial plan

Jan 24, 2018.  “Commissioners engage firm for 5-year financial plan” Brown County Democrat, Staff Reports.

The Brown County  League of Women Voters has worked for over two years on a Fiscal Management study that included input from elected and appointed county government officials.

The contract with Umbaugh and Associates for a five-year financial plan is a needed improvement in support of transparency and fiscal management.

It is expected that the plan will be available before next years budget hearings.  Other counties have posted their plans on their websites which helps to facilitate public discussions on the fiscal health of the county.  A county strategic plan is helpful to provide context for priorities and plans.

In addition to transparency and fiscal management, this 5-year financial plan can support the other four principles of good governance that include Planning before Doing, Continuous Learning, State of the County Assessment and Report and Collaboration.

The county Redevelopment Commission (RDC)  has also been working with IU/SPEA Graduate Program in developing a county decision-making model that factors in population projections and trends in debt, taxes and spending. More Information – Financial Decision Support Model

The League of Women Voters has also recently completed a fiscal study (2018) on the county’s financial management practices.  A committee is being formed (August 2018) to assess the status on Positions.

2017 League of Women Voters Fiscal Study and Positions

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