County History

  • Brown County Indiana – Wikipedia
  • History of Brown County and Nashville 1851 – 1962 –   Nashville Indiana Lodge #135 Free and Accepted Masons. The history of Nashville Lodge #135 F & AM, Nashville and Brown County are so inextricably intertwined that in many cases they are one and the same. The Nashville Lodge and Eastern Star (women) are among the oldest organizations in the county. Members include elected and appointed officials.
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    • 2018 Bicentennial Anniversary – Free and Accepted Masons.
      • The Grand Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons of Indiana, which governs all local Masonic lodges in the state, was constituted Jan. 12, 1818, which was 14 months after Indiana was granted statehood in December 1816.
      • With nearly 50,000 Masons in all 92 counties, Indiana has one of the largest memberships of any state in the nation. The current worldwide membership totals 3.6 million members, which includes 1.6 million in North America. 
  • Brown County Journal  – Displaced Families of Brown County
  • Helmsburg: The Town Time Did Not Forget
  • LOOKING BACK: Early Brown County art colony as seen, told by Ernie Pyle
  • Book: If You Don’t Outdie Me: The Legacy of Brown County,”  1982, Dillon Bustin
    • “… Nashville, a little town with a big — and complex — reputation. Some outsiders condemn the place for its lazy, backward ways, while others extol it for its easy-going indifference to the modern world. The truth of the matter, now as then, is that neither opinion is fair. But outsiders will believe what they want to believe. Once a community is labeled as entirely graceful, or disgraceful, it becomes difficult for outsiders to recognize its actual inner life.”
  • Brown County Memories – Andy Rogers Recalls  About Andy Rogers – “He stands at the center of Nashville’s dogged attempt to satisfy a tourist industry while retaining its soul—the thing that people have lost in their own communities, the reason they come to visit in the first place.  ….  So you can imagine my surprise when I discover that Rogers was not born in Brown County.”

Current Trends

  • Beer, Wine, Craft Beer, and  Liquor Tourism
  • Mountain Biking
  • County owned and managed music venue