BC Health Department – Verbal Judo


verbal-judoVerbal deescalation workshop happening in May, Brown County Democrat, Business Briefs April 27, 2021

The Brown County Health Department has received a grant to host Verbal Judo, a deescalation workshop, on Wednesday, May 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Seasons Lodge and Conference Center, 560 State Road 46 East.

Participants will learn how to increase workplace safety by decreasing the chance of workplace violence and learn how to defuse verbal conflict.

The class is free to any and every county employee thanks to a grant from the Smithville Charitable Foundation.

The instructor is Mike “Ziggy” Siegried, a speaker who spent 26 years working as a full-time peace officer prior to becoming the COO of the Verbal Judo Institute. Siegfried is a court recognized use-of-force expert and a published author in Police Magazine, the FBI National Academy Associate Magazine, Police Recruit Magazine and Campus Security Magazine.

Register at browncountyhealthdept.org. Email bcenvironmental@browncounty-in.us or call 812-988-2255 for more information.

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