2020 Presidential Election – Points and Counterpoints

Democrats Can’t Quash the ‘Big Lie’  Julie Kelly, American Greatness
  • The “Big Lie,” of course, isn’t that the 2020 election was stolen; the “Big Lie” is that it was fair and lawful. The Left can keep weaponizing that phrase all it wants but Republicans aren’t buying it.
  • Tens of millions of Americans still refuse to submit to this endless bullying campaign. According to recent polls, the percentage of Republicans who still view the 2020 election as illegitimate is the same as it was six months ago. Now, as then, nearly three in four Republicans do not think Biden won the election; 70 percent of Republicans in a CNN poll taken late last month said Joe Biden “did not legitimately win enough votes to win the presidency.”

Arizona: Where not a single illegal alien vote was disqualified Exclusive: Joseph Farah cheers state Senate’s audit of 2.1 million votes cast in Maricopa County By Joseph FarahPublished April 23, 2021 

  • It is said to be the most extensive forensic audit in history – with a purpose. The American voting public has an absolute right to see that the most suspicious election ever has a REAL TEST! First Arizona, then Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan and Nevada and Wisconsin – maybe even Virginia and New Mexico.


    Why would we want to know the truth? How could we not insist on knowing the truth?


    Was Joe Biden’s win legitimate, or was Donald Trump robbed? We must know!

Battle for election integrity begins now. Andy Schlafly warns Republicans their future is in the balance By Andy Schlafly

  • Without verifying the authenticity of mail-in ballots, more elections will be stolen. 

New York Times caught changing its vote-fraud narrative Spent 2 decades warning most common election fraud involves absentee ballots By WND News Services Published April 18, 2021 at 2:41pm

Rand Paul: 2020 election fraud never fully reviewed by courts Senator says judges ‘have been hesitant to get involved’ By Bob Unruh


  • The report noted that even the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to arbitrary changes made by state officials in Pennsylvania for the election, a political move that drew Justice Clarence Thomas’s reaction.
  • “One wonders what the court waits for,” he charged. “We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us…”

Antrim County: The Thread That Unravels 2020 Election Theft By Patrick Colbeck

Mar 23. 2021. Christian university takes on voting irregularities: ‘Americans just experienced the greatest crisis in election integrity’ The College Fix, JOSEPH SILVERSTEIN – CORNELL UNIVERSITY 

Mike Lindell TV Releases Irrefutable Election Theft Proof on New Television Special That Features World Renowned Physicist

Sen. Rand Paul clashes with ABC’s Stephanopoulos: ‘You’re forgetting who you are as a journalist!’  By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

  • Stephanopoulos began the contentious interview by asking Paul if he accepts the “fact” that the “election was not stolen.” Paul responded by insisting that the “debate” over voter fraud should occur and acknowledged how evidence from various claims was never examined since legal cases were “thrown out” by the courts. 
  • While Paul listed off various irregularities that could be challenged or overturned by the Supreme Court, including secretaries of state unilaterally changing election laws by skipping the legislative process, Stephanopoulos had enough. 

Memorandum: How The 2020 Election Could Have Been Stolen,  A political scientist examines the evidence and concludes that widespread fraud took place. By JANUARY 5, 2021

  • Yet what I have found to date gives me no choice but to conclude that in the 2020 election, there was major and organized vote fraud and that it probably stole the election.
First battlefront drawn in Georgia in epic fight over future of American elections – John Solomon – Just The News 🔥



WND  2020 chaos ‘is precisely how elections are stolen.‘   Former counterintelligence officer presents fixes needed by 2022 By Bob Unruh, Published March 26, 2021 at 12:14pm
  • “The further we get from the November 2020 election, the more we will see documented evidence of voting irregularities, manipulations and gamesmanship,” writes Chris Farrell in a column for the Gatestone Institute.
  • Those problems need to be addressed before the November 2022 elections, he said, pointing to unresolved issues in Georgia, Wisconsin and Maricopa County, Arizona, in particular.
  • “We must use every legal tool available to us … to ensure free and fair elections that the American people can trust,” he said.

CONFIRMED: Democrat Operative Was Given Secret Internet Connection to Network Where Ballots Were Counted By Jim Hoft Published March 24, 2021 at 4:39pm


Mar 24, 2021SPECIAL EDITION: The death of the stolen election. Sidney Powell tells the truth (for a moment). Isaac Saul, Tangle.

  • As part of her defense in the defamation lawsuit, Powell told the court that “no reasonable person would conclude” her claims “were truly statements of fact.”
    • … Powell is still not backing off the claims that she herself insists no reasonable person would believe. In fact, later in her filing, her team goes out of its way to note that Powell still believes the things she said about Dominion Voting Systems. 
  • The election was highly secure, with 95% of votes cast on paper ballots (which makes auditing and recounting easier) and more scrutiny of the final vote tally than had been given to any election in American history.
  • The “election fraud” allegations. A definitive breakdown of what is happening. Isaac Saul, Tangle, Nov 13, 2020.

  • WashPost lies about Sidney Powell, her Voter Fraud Court Claims By Ben Wetmore Published March 24, 2021 at 1:06pm

    • Washington Post’s Aaron Blake completely misrepresents Sidney Powell’s court filings, turning them into a false confession that she never believed her claims of voter fraud
    • In fact, Powell’s filing is quite clear that she does believe her claims about voter fraud, and publicly posted the evidence she used to make her determination
    • Blake lies to his readers and is committing serious journalistic malpractice to suit a left-wing narrative
  • Sidney Powell’s Defense: ‘No Reasonable Person’ Would Have Believed Her Election Claims, Joel B Pollak, Breitbart
    • Update: Powell’s legal team has responded to the controversy over their filing with a statement arguing that Powell stands by her former claims, which were meant as legal opinion in legal filings (original emphasis):

Mar 21, 2021. Arizona commits to full hand recount, ‘broad and detailed’ audit of voting machines By Jack Davis, The Western Journal


Mar 18, 2021. Months after Trump complaints, some courts are finding irregularities in 2020 elections by John Solomon

  • Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia court actions show some absentee ballot procedures imposed by Democrats violated state laws.

Mar 16, 2021. With Trump Hatred Moving Off Stage, Biden Administration Seeks Its Footing Conrad Black

  • Of the 28 legal claims made by the Trump campaign about the election results in a number of the swing states, and the claim of the Texas attorney general, supported by 18 other states, none was adjudicated on its merits.

The Founders Warned Us About Abuses Like H.R. 1,  Rob Natelson

  • H.R. 1, the bill that would seize control of federal elections from the states, comes with an unusual twist. It supposedly promotes “access.” But it says anyone challenging its constitutionality is barred from every court in the nation but a single federal trial court in Washington, D.C.!

Feb 23, 2021. Why Do the Election’s Defenders Require My Agreement?  … By Michael Anton, American Greatness The purpose of voting today is to give a democratic veneer to an undemocratic regime—not to give the people a say in the direction of their government. 

  • Let me begin by repeating something I said to Sullivan: I do not actively disbelieve in the outcome of the 2020 election. I do not assert that the election was stolen. I also do not believe the election was totally fair, “belief” being an affirmative mental state. I say only that I don’t know; I haven’t been convinced either way. One side tried to convince me and failed (at least so far). The other side has made no such attempt but instead mostly shouts in my face that I must believe. The latter effort, in addition to being aggravating and insulting, has been less effective. 
    • Counting shutdowns in five states, in which one candidate was ahead, only to lose after the counting resumed;
    • “Found” tranches of ballots going overwhelmingly—sometimes exclusively—to one candidate, the eventual “winner”;
    • Sworn affidavits alleging the backdating of ballots;
    • Historically low rejection rates—as in, orders of magnitude lower—of mail-in ballots, suggesting that many obviously invalid ballots were accepted as genuine;
    • Mail-in and absentee ballots appearing without creases, raising the question of how they got into the envelopes required for their being mailed in;
    • Thousands upon thousands of ballots all marked for one presidential candidate without a single choice marked for any down-ballot candidate.
    • The absolute refusal to conduct signature audits—indeed, the discarding of many envelopes which alone make such audits possible—i.e., of the kind of recounts which are performed not merely to get the math right but to evaluate the validity of ballots;
    • Other statistical and historical anomalies too numerous to mention here.
  • None of the above other irregularities have been explained, nor will they ever be.
  • What we thus have is a voting system that is slapdash, inconsistent, porous, and easy to manipulate—i.e., cheat. Again, by design. The media, the intellectuals, the “experts,” the universities—every opinion-shaping sector of our society—both cheerlead and lie about all of this. 
  • The purpose of voting today is not to give the people a say in the direction of their government, nor to balance competing interests by alternating party control. It is rather to give a democratic veneer to an undemocratic regime. The phrase “Our Democracy™”—I lost count how many times Sullivan flung it at me—is a weaponized term meant to assert moral superiority and squelch dissent.
  • Sullivan repeatedly demanded that I explain how Our Democracy™ can survive as a democracy if something like half the country doesn’t believe in it anymore. The question was rhetorical. Sullivan knows the answer: it can’t.

Feb 24, 2021. Laurence Tribe: Justice Thomas is out of order on 2020 election, The Hill

Feb 24, 2021Where Do We Go to Get the Integrity of Our Vote Back? Benjamin Weingarten

  • The Supreme Court’s refusal to grapple with 2020 presidential election lawsuits concerning patently dubious policymaking by judges in Pennsylvania is a dereliction of duty of the highest order.
  • “The Pennsylvania Legislature established an unambiguous deadline for receiving mail-in ballots: 8 p.m. on election day. Dissatisfied, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended that deadline by three days. The court also ordered officials to count ballots received by the new deadline even if there was no evidence—such as a postmark—that the ballots were mailed by election day.”
  • “These cases provide us,” Justice Thomas asserted, “with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonlegislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle.
  • “The refusal to do so,” he concluded, “is inexplicable.”
  • “The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us.”
  • What the Supreme Court codified yesterday, and what it started with the Texas rejection, is that election laws and procedures cannot be challenged beyond a state court, at any time, regardless of how badly those states shred the United States Constitution, and regardless of the major consequences to the other 49 states as a result. They don’t ever say that per se, but the results of what those two rulings have done are just that. Period.
  • This is proactive, and it absolutely legalizes institutional voter fraud and neuters state legislatures in lieu of state courts. Lawyers gonna lawyer, I reckon.

Trump Alum, Social Conservatives Launch Effort to Kill HR 1  By Philip Wegmann – RCP   By Philip Wegmann – RCP Staff,  February 23, 2021

  • The coalition’s goal, according to Cuccinelli, is addressing “a legitimate crisis of confidence in the quality of elections.” The campaign will focus on enacting reforms at the state level in the long run, but the groups are also preparing to immediately mobilize grassroots activists in West Virginia, Arizona, and Montana to pressure senators there into opposing passage of HR 1 in the upper chamber.

Justice Clarence Thomas Dissents From Supreme Court on Election Case: ‘We Need to Make It Clear’ BY JACK PHILLIPS  February 22, 2021 Updated: February 22, 2021 Epoch Times

  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued a dissenting opinion regarding the high court’s decision not to take up a case challenging the Pennsylvania Nov. 3 election results.  Other than Thomas, Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch also dissented.
  • Supreme Court to Consider 2020 Election Challenge Lawsuits in February Conference BY TOM OZIMEK February 6, 2021, Epoch TImes …  If, at the Feb. 19 conference, the Supreme Court decides to take up any of the election lawsuits, they most likely won’t be heard until October.
  • Biden not legitimately elected, two-thirds of Republicans say. – Associated Press – Friday, February 5, 2021, Washington Times
  • WASHINGTON — About two-thirds of Republicans say Joe Biden was not legitimately elected president, according to a new poll conducted barely two weeks after he was inaugurated.
  • Position: 2020  Election was fair
  • Joint Statement: Nov 12, 2021. Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating executive committees”
  • The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result. 
  • There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.
  • “While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too. When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections.”
  • They’re trying to get ahead of news and minimize something they know is coming
  • Attorney General Barr: Justice Dept. finds no evidence of fraud to alter an election outcome, Dec 1, 2020. by Kevin JohnsonUSA TODAY
  • Local (County) Level – Statement supporting election integrity by the Brown County Indiana League of Women Voters (LoWV).  Letter: 2020 was the most secure election ever by Shari Frank
  • Detroit officials offer explanation on white van claim by ‘Stop the Steal’ advocates– The Washington Times – Sunday, February 14, 2021
  • The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election – BY MOLLY BALL FEBRUARY 4, 2021, TIME.
  • States caught up in ‘Stop the Steal’ rebut Trump’s claims point by point, – The Washington Times – Updated: 6:25 p.m. on Sunday, February 7, 2021
  • Lou Dobbs, and the most problematic claims Trump allies made about voting machines
  • ...machine company Smartmatic filed a $2.7 billion lawsuit against him, the cable news network and several purveyors of the debunked theory that its technology was used to commit massive voter fraud.
  • Dominion Voting Systems also suing several individuals:  Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Trump Campaign, Newsmax
  • Opposing Perspectives 
    • About a week ago I published some preliminary numbers regarding vote slipping, prepared by some very deep diving dolphin-speakers. They had only located, analyzed, And reconstructed about 18 of them at the time. They had found just short of 300,000 votes flipped. Now they have worked further through the data, and they have locked down what 85 case, for over 2 million votes. They are most of the way but not yet completely all the way through the data, so this may increase a little more.
  • The 2020-2021 Georgia Election Anomalies 
  • The vision thing: Handy guide to the biggest earthquake in human affairs in 2,000 years   
  •  In only 21 out of 80 cases has evidence been considered.  Trump has now won 14 of those, something hardly anyone is aware of.  In one case, in Michigan, the court has already agreed there’s good evidence that votes were digitally altered in voting systems.
  • By contrast, 34 cases have been dismissed without consideration of the evidence, on non-evidentiary grounds.  And 25 are still in process, most in various stages of heel-dragging, their evidence unreviewed.
  • This is the value-added comment I would offer.  It is entirely possible for the resources of the U.S. government to have watched this happening live.  That comment does not mean we did watch it.  It means we could have.  This is what I’ve alluded to in previous articles, and nothing has changed from the original assessment.  Since that assessment was based on known capabilities, and not certainty about timeline or intentions, nothing needed to change, or in fact will ever need to.
  • Trump actually had everything he needed in place to do what the U.S. government has the means to do, through the front door, by invoking his E.O. 13848 of September 2018.
  • As for the other allegations about the 2020 vote, none of them is “crazy.”  Far from being crazy, they are all fully documented in conventional ways, from voting records to hundreds of sworn affidavits to original videos of highly questionable and irregular activities at polling and vote-counting locations.  What they are not is adequately investigated by authorities.
  • How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 2: Was there Foreign Interference in this Election? You Make the Call. 

    • In this chapter …  I shall start with an analysis of the packet traffic on Election Day 2020. As packets travel through the Internet they leave a trail, and dolphin-speakers using the right tools can, in a sense, “shine a light” and reveal those packet trails in the cyber-fog. Here is a video of only 1 minute which shows hundreds of foreign entities (many in China) who, on November 3, 2020, were hitting voting machines across Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia.
  • How DJT Lost The White House, Chapter 3: Crashing The White House (December 18-22)

    • I closed saying, “But Sir, entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I feel I must mention something. As you may know, I have been swimming around the outside of your administration for a couple months now, and I must tell you, I do not think you are being well-served by many people in the White House. I can bring in young staffers who will tell you that some of your senior leadership don’t want you to win. They want you to concede.”
    • I believe at that moment we all weighted the chances of our success high. As we walked home in the falling snow we confided in each other, You know, for me this is not really about Trump. But we cannot let a rigged election stand. If we do, it could mean civil war, and even a Chinese take-over of our country. All we need to do is follow this plan, expose what happened in those six counties by checking the ballots. If there is nothing amiss, then Trump gets in his helicopter and leaves, and there’s no civil war. But if we find chicanery, it will give an opportunity to blow this scheme up for the whole nation. Who knows how much fraud there is going to turn out to be in US elections? I think ‘a lot,’ what do you think?
  • How DJT Lost The White House, Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- Noon January 6)

  • How DJT Lost The White House, Chapter 5: Agitation & Chaos (January 6 – 20)
  • How DJT Lost The White House, Chapter 6: The Aftermath

    • Referring to him as “President* Biden” accomplishes two things: it recognizes that he did, in fact, become President through the Constitutionally-mandated process; it also recognizes that irregularities (such as have been described in this story) marred that achievement. So Biden is indeed President*, in the same way that Barry Bonds owns the home-run record with 762*, and Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France 6* times.
    • Two people of whom I can say, “These two people are fully and entirely about helping the USA, and are not in it one iota for themselves.” Those two people are Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn. They have started an excellent organization, Defending the Republic, and they mean business.
    • The people of our country are suffering because elites sold them out. The people can look at what has happened over the last 30 – 40 years, and know they have been sold out. They correctly understand that when they look at Trump they are not looking at an “elite” but one who wants to stand up (however coarsely) against the elites on their behalf. That is his source of appeal, and that is what causes so many to look the other way on his personal foibles.
    • The same side maintaining there was no significant election fraud has since November 4 fought tooth-and-nail against allowing any real scrutiny of the systems to take place.
    • Now it continues the fight against transparency, knowing that revelations that might come from a full audit would shape Americans’ beliefs about the need to reform our election systems.  … That’s odd, because one would think that if they actually believed their assertions of there being no fraud, they would welcome scrutiny to establish that election fraud had not dominated the election.
    • Sweden’s strategy turned out to be the best. The second wave they experienced was not larger than the first, Sweden avoided turning into a police state, and now Covid-19 deaths have tapered to 0 (all data and graphs from World Health Organization website):
    • It does not take much imagination to fit the events of the last year to this paradigm.
      1. Demoralization of the country – Covid-19;
      2. Disorientation – Antifa & BLM;
      3. Crisis –election counting stopped in 6 cities in 6 swing states, then a surprise happened;
      4. Normalization – the media gaslighting anyone who sees anything odd about the election.
    • So why do things seem surreal? Perhaps because you are living through a psyop to take over our country, and reality as you know it is being engineered. That’s the weak hypothesis. … WHY DOES EVERYTHING SEEM SURREAL? THE STRONG HYPOTHESIS .. If the Weak Hypothesis is correct and we are living through a psyop, who is behind the psyop? China is behind the psyop.
  • TIME Expose
  • How the Left “Fixed” The 2020 Election. Video/YouTube Rekieta Law
  • Preemption: Sudden narrative push before Trump Senate trial depicts election-rigging as election-‘fortifying’   
    • Pure, 200-proof bias.  The whole article is soggy with it.  But what the article does – arrestingly, and at such a time as this – is admit that there was a “shadow campaign” – a conspiracy – a cabal – engaged to … well, not rig the election, oh no, but … fortify it.
    • You’re being played by the TIME article.  Its purpose is to shape preconceptions for you, so that you can’t listen objectively, with an open mind, to what Trump’s legal team may present.
    • What’s missing is what that link was.  It’s actually obvious what the link was as soon as Molly Ball cuts us the first name – Michael Podhorzer, AFL-CIO political director up until 2019 – but the link is never specified.  That’s probably because the link would be Barack Obama.  (His name is mentioned once in the article, in connection to Norm Eisen, “a prominent lawyer in his administration.”  Eisen was a law school classmate of Obama, and served as counsel to the House impeachment team in the 2020 Senate trial of Donald Trump.)
  • Video (3:09) Grant Stinchfield reacts to TIME exposé – The coordinate effort to rig the Game

  • Time Article Shows Information Operation Is Blown…The People Know…Now Deep State Scared Of Legal Consequences 
    •  It’s Time To Sue, Sue, Sue…Did I Mention Sue?
    • The American people are now ‘woke’…seriously f’ing woke…and VERY angry.
    • Most Americans do not realize the evidence for election fraud that occurred on Nov 3rd of last year has still to this day not been heard in a court of law. Every case was rejected for ‘standing’, not on the merits. No case for election fraud has ever been heard on the merits.

  • Time Magazine: ‘Secret,’ ‘Well-funded Cabal’ Worked to ‘Protect’ 2020 Election by JOEL B. POLLAK  
    • Time magazine has published a detailed account of what it describes as a “conspiracy” between “left-wing activists and business titans” to create “an extraordinary shadow effort” to “protect” the 2020 presidential election.
  • Delingpole: Presidential Election Wasn’t ‘Rigged’; It Was ‘Fortified’, Says Time Magazine JAMES DELINGPOLE  
    • TIME: That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.
    • Could this have anything to do, you wonder, with President Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial? … My suspicion that Time’s piece is both pre-emptive strike and damage limitation exercise. It anticipates the possibility that Trump will provide evidence in support of his claim that the election was “stolen.” … This evidence will be much harder to brush under the carpet in the Senate.
  • Michael Lindell – Video:  Absolute  Proof.  Mike Lindell Releases Explosive Documentary on the 2020 Election – “ABSOLUTE PROOF” Film Includes Testimony and Interviews from Experts on Historic Fraud in 2020 Election
  • YouTube, Vimeo remove My Pillow CEO’s conspiratorial pro-Trump film  – The Washington Times – Saturday, February 6, 2021  
    • Larry Johnson: A Closer Look at the Hammer and Scorecard By Larry JohnsonPublished February 8, 2021 at 10:13pm Gateway Pundit
      • This brings me to the Mary Fanning segment in the Michael Lindell produced video, ABSOLUTE PROOF. Mary Fanning claims to have evidence that foreign servers, including locations in China and Iran, were changing vote totals in specific counties. Unfortunately, she has not published any of this alleged evidence. You just have to trust her. But I dug into the information she is relying on and learned that her source is Dennis Montgomery. … Montgomery has a checkered past:
      • XKEYSCORE: It was, simply put, the closest thing to science fiction I’ve ever seen in science fact: an interface that allows you to type in pretty much anyone’s address, telephone number, or IP address, and then basically go through the recent history of their online activity. – Eric Snowden
      • Mary Fanning – Data: How was this obtained? I cannot think of a legal way such intelligence could be obtained by a private citizen. Was it leaked by someone in the NSA? Did Dennis grab it using classified tools he is not legally entitled to possess? Was this provided by someone tied to a foreign government intelligence service? Or, is it fabricated?
    • Larry Johnson: Here Is What I See as The Strengths and Weaknesses of Mike Lindell’s Movie “Absolute Proof”
  • WATCH: Trump impeachment lawyer says he’ll use video of Dems’ own remarks at trial By DML News App  
  • Trump’s lawyers reject accusations of inciting Capitol riot, call impeachment unconstitutional – The Washington Times – Tuesday, February 2, 2021 
    • The legal brief rejects Democrats’ accusation that Mr. Trump made false claims about widespread election fraud. … “Insufficient evidence exists upon which a reasonable jurist could conclude that the 45th President’s statements were accurate or not, and he therefore denies they were false,” the lawyers wrote. 
    • The Dem House managers won’t provide evidence that Trump’s statements were false — not only because they don’t have anything beyond declarations — but simply because nobody really knows whether the election results in the contested six states are valid or not, free from error or not, lathered with fraud or not.
    • Trump himself will have at least three hours – with or sans counsel — to puff-off feather dust claims that he incited a riot on January 6th, but more important, present all of the material that formed his opinion about the lack of election integrity — most notably the exhaustive presentations by Peter Navarro — covering ballot fraud, numerous ballot process irregularities, and violations or rewrites of state legislature-enacted election laws by officials without sanction from legislatures, obviously unconstitutional at both the state and federal levels.
  • By Andrea Widburg
  • What I’m finding and continuing to find, because we’re actually still doing research, and we’re looking forward to presenting it more aggressively without the constraints of the lawsuits we were entangled with initially, is that among those three states, the number of illegal ballots surpassed the margin of victory. Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona, without those three, Joe Biden isn’t president – and I think we can prove that fairly conclusively.
  •  … it’s perfectly reasonable and appropriate for Trump to include in his defense evidence that the election was stolen.
  • If Matthew Braynard can prove that, in at least three of the contested states, massive fraud in the form of fake paper ballots led to Biden’s so-called victory, Biden has no right to occupy the White House. And if he has no right to occupy the White House, every act – every Executive Order, every person appointed, every rule made – is null.  ….  I’m not saying this is a winning argument but it’s an argument.
  • Demanding Election Integrity: Tracy Beanz Interviews JovanHuttonPulitzer™By  Wendi Strauch Mahoney, January 31, 2021
  • Regarding the claim of the 2020 election being the most secure in history, Pulitzer stated:  “it just isn’t true.” There were people who signed affidavits saying that some liberal counties had ballots with no bar codes. Pulitzer says some counties had ballots with print that was out of alignment and there were variations in ballots where there shouldn’t have been. Most importantly, from the time a ballot is placed into the hands of a voter, to the time it is placed in boxes in a warehouse, the ballot changes many hands, opening the process to fraud.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the Breakdown on the 80 Cases Related to the 2020 Presidential Election  By Joe Hoft Published February 4, 2021 at 10:02pm Gateway Pundit

  • The Navarro Report by Dr. Peter K. Navarro
  • The Navarro Report Vol I, II, III – Feb. 2, 2021
  • Navarro was an advisor to the administration on trade policy.  The report was prepared in his capacity as a private citizen.
  • The Navarro Report’ should be the cornerstone of the Trump defense, by – – Wednesday, February 3, 2021 Washington TImes …  To fight back, Donald Trump must aggressively embrace his Impeachment Trial opportunity to prosecute his case that the election was indeed stolen.
  •  Part 1 – The Immaculate Deception: A Coordinated Effort To Stack Election Against Trump. Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities
  • Part 2 The-Art-of-the-Steal-1-5-21-FINAL
  • Part III. Yes, President Trump Won. The case, evidence, and statistical receipts.
  • Natelson is a former constitutional law professor, senior fellow in constitutional jurisprudence at the Independence Institute in Denver, and a senior adviser to the Convention of States movement.
    • Part 1. Don’t Be Fooled! Don’t Let Them Divert Us From Ensuring Electoral Integrity! Rob Natelson,  January 11, 2021
      • The goals of this diversion apparently are to (1) move public attention away from election irregularities and the legitimacy of the Biden presidency, (2) forestall honest investigation into those irregularities, and (3) prevent corrective action.
    • Part 2. Saving America and Election Integrity: Rob Natelson  January 13, 2021 

      • The liberal media claim any problems were minor and couldn’t have affected the results. But they started making this claim just a few days after the election, well before any serious investigation was possible. Furthermore, the claim rests heavily on self-serving statements by the very election officials ultimately responsible for screw-ups. It also relies on dismissal of the challengers’ judicial cases, although nearly all were dismissed for procedural reasons, not because their allegations were wrong. And—as explained below—there’s just too much evidence to the contrary for the media assertions to be credible. There was one huge election irregularity no one is discussing, but which was undeniable: States throughout the country ignored both the Constitution’s Same Day Clause and federal law in carrying out the 2020 popular vote.
    • Part 3. Saving America and Election Integrity: Rob NatelsonJanuary 18, 2021
      • Corruption of elections is a much greater threat to the republic than a few hundred rioters entering the Capitol, as bad as that was. At a time when key constitutional curbs on the federal government have been disabled, free and fair elections are particularly vital.
    • Part 4. How State Legislatures Can Break the Power of Corrupt Big-City Machines in Presidential Elections. Jan 21, 2021 Updated Jan 23, 2021.
      • This essay explains how lawmakers in swing states can contain local corruption in presidential elections: by changing how their states choose presidential electors.
    • Part 5. The Solution Is a Convention of the States  Natelson January 25, 2021, Updated: January 25, 2021 
      • This essay outlines the fourth, and most important, agenda item. This is to enshrine corrective reforms in the U.S. Constitution. Experience shows that constitutional amendments have lasting power that other restraints—including laws and provisions in the original Constitution—don’t possess.


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