2020 Elections – Positions, Voting Records, Results

Purpose: Keep track of major decisions and alignment with the non-partisan political platform.

Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD).

  • County Council approved $270K of funding for the Bean Blossom Sewer Project
    • Was/Is the project supported by the customers?
    • Was a successful partnership with the Helmsburg RSD established?
  • Was a countywide assessment and strategy developed for the county?
    • Did/does this strategy have community support?

Health Board – Proposed New Septic Ordinance

  • Was the update to the 1997 ordinance supported by citizens?

Economic Development Strategic Plan  Was the plan approved and supported by the citizens?

Proposal for a New Justice Center and Renovations of old Courthouse

  • Did the input from the public lead to adjustments in the plan?
  • Was the remonstrance successful?
  • Did the courthouse receive the required maintenance and renovations?

Maple Leaf (Brown County Music Center).   

  • Admin Agreement – Distribution of Profits – any changes to the Admin Agreement – 75% to BCCF or 100% to the county?
  • Operations.  Were taxpayers asked for funding support – loans or subsidies or has it been self-supporting?

Clearcutting –  Bean Blossom Overlook.  Were the issues successfully resolved? Were changes made to the policy (s) that will prevent a re-occurrence?

Salt Creek TrailWere there any unexpected expenses passed on to county taxpayers?

Finance and Operations.

  • Did the county publish a five-year financial plan?
  • Did the county publish a 10-year capital improvement plan and budget?
  • Did the county publish the results from an annual review of internal controls?   

Oversight of County Boards and Commissions

  • Were roles and responsibilities published on the county website?
  • Were annual reports published?